Workout 11/100

Knees buckling on the way to my car. Can I drive? Yes, you've got this. I notice the morning marine layer on the mountain as I drive home, the sky turning soft pink from grey. The song from my latest playlist envelopes me, and I'm smiling inside, but too tired to sing along. I drive along, on autopilot, like a passenger staying awake to be nice.  

Now home, I swing my legs out of the drivers seat the way my body was trained after the injury. I skip the kitchen, as making lunches will have to wait. I make it to the bedroom, and lay down on top of the covers, sweaty clothes, gym shoes, and all. My eyes close, I sigh, breathe. Just give me 10 minutes...



13 Men, Zero Women


13 men and zero women are working on a revised health care bill. Deciding what might be appropriate levels of care for bodies unlike their own. Disregarding the fact that women grow humans inside of their bodies. Forgetting that they were also born from the strength and miracle of a woman’s body. Ignoring the fact that their own mothers carried them inside of their bodies...nurturing, protecting, cultivating.

13 men and zero women are changing the rules for the disadvantaged, the weak, the elderly. Have mistaken their privilege for the right to disregard others. Must be confused, to have excluded themselves from the same restrictions they expect us to now be grateful for.

13 men and zero women do not understand things like sexual assault, maternity care, mental health, or family planning. They must have forgotten that we have a Constitution. That there is an Equal Rights Amendment, or simply, they do not understand that we are all HUMAN. 

13 men and zero women.




A Few Of My Favorites: Kitchen Edition

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and use a fair number of tools to pull off 30-minute dinners, all day bake-a-thons, breakfasts on the run and celebratory shin-digs.

These made the cut:

  1. Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Stainless Steel. Because, coffee first. Grind it fresh people, it’s soooo much better. A burr grinder allows you to adjust the coarseness of the grind for your preferred brewing technique. Size DOES matter.

  2. Global MinoSharp 3 Knife Sharpener in Grey/Black. I like my coffee black, and my Wusthof knives SHARP. It’s not totally foolproof but it’s what the knife sharpening guy at Sur la Table uses...

  3. Pampered Chef Silicone Oven Mitts. Hands down (heehee) the best oven mitts out there. Donate your “hot pads” to Goodwill. These are all you need.

  4. Pampered Chef Large Bar Pan. Okay, I have never been a PC dealer but I can seriously give testimony to these stoneware pans. I love baking on them--roasted vegetables, cookies, salmon, you name it. You only wash with hot water, seasoning it over time like cast iron.

  5. Le Creuset Signature Flame Oval French Oven. Like a little black dress, you can rely on this sexy beast for any occasion--braise your beef and caramelize your shallots, simmer your stew and roast your bird. C’est nécessité!

What are some of YOUR favorite things?


Saturday 6/100


Make coffee
wait for the rain
read magazine
imagine trip to Mexico
fall into Instagram
listen to the rain

Chop cucumbers
Assemble greens, bowls, platters

Pick a lemon
Blend with olive oil
salt pepper
Oooh honey

Do dishes.


Get dressed
Pick up kids

Arrange shelves.
Move cookbooks, bowls
back and forth
and back, and down
and back again.
Run dishwasher
Add plant. Remove plant.
Bring it back, but lower.
Bright bowls up top
step back squint, consider...

!! TIME errands

(ice, beer, kale)
oh! avocados

Make a platter.
Gather fennel, fig leaves
Oh right, rain. Wet grass, dirt.
Wipe your feet.

Hug kids
clean your room

Forage for nuts olives apricots
snap peas zucchini tomatoes
pears & parmesan

More dishes.
“I’m thinking we should switch the sides of our sink for dirty/clean...”

Shit! Gift.
Wrap wrap wrap Bag. Tissue
Party favors: Design labels, print, cut

Shower, wash hair
Dry shampoo
Eyebrow gel




Americano, To Go 2/100

Writing Prompt: The Unrequited Love Poem

*Creative writing was my guilty pleasure in college. That, and my semester long course on Viriginia Woolf. Sometimes our professor would take our class outside, under the trees on Bascom Hill in Madison, Wisconsin. We'd read poetry, write, and share our work.


Americano, To Go

It’s been months since I’ve seen you

Did you fall out of your

doppio habit, Starbucks

satellite office?


An awkward game we played

eyes darting from your screen

pretending not to be distracted

I’m willing you

to look at me.


I know you’re married.

That time I ran into you

at a birthday party in the park

screaming 6 year olds, cake

out of context.


It was raining, the last time

I was wearing a black jacket

uniform tall black boots

felt fedora, no umbrella.


You spoke to me

about the weather, my hat


for something more.



100 Days of Writing

It may be 2 words, or 200, but I'm starting it now, May 1, 2017.  It's commitment versus quality. Consistency over count. Public pledge. no judgement...please.

1 of 100

#100daysofwriting #The100DayProject

Prompt: Location, Location, Location

The birds are chirping. It’s a chatty, layered conversation with tones that dip, soft whistles that coo and staccato darts that pierce the morning air. I’ve trained my ears to translate the dull traffic noise into a quiet ocean roar so that from here, it feels like I’m in a treehouse on the coast. Reality is close enough and that pleases me

I’m sitting in the breakfast nook. I could spend all day in here, now that it’s transformed from it’s 80s Oak glory into my Pinterest dream. It features my favorite colors--blue and white. This felt like the smallest room in the house, with lowish ceilings and god awful fluorescent lights under “crystal” plastic sheeting--all to hide an unfortunate access point to our attic on this side of the house. Poor planning by quick and dirty developers. The cushions I’m perched on are redone in a nubby linen blend that somehow passed the 30,000+ rub test. Ready to withstand thousands of bum touches, the benches are partnered with pillows in patterns with watercolor dots, shibori stripes and ikat diamonds. While I imagine that I’m typing at a white Saarinen table, it’’s really Ikea, and two months in already has a scratch in the surface. Disappointed, not surprised.

It’s light, open and cool in here now. White above, navy below. Shiny white subway tiles cover the open arch wall framing the sink, stagger stacked under the open shelving which proudly boasts a rainbow of cookbooks, plates, bowls, glassware, and jars of nuts, seeds and grains. I’m doing my best Emily Henderson and Justina Blakeney to style the shit out of this wall.

The sink itself is a prize--one splurge in my mostly DIY budget. Wide, single basin farmer’s style apron front Kohler. The faucet, in Champagne brass, is like the shiny unicorn’s horn of a strong, white, cast iron beast. Surrounding the sink are smooth, quartzite countertops meant to mimic Calacatta marble. No regrets. These are still beautiful and certainly more durable, with veins of stormy sky and earthy clay. Virtually indestructible I was told. Supporting the new work surface are cabinets painted in Secret Society. A deep, dark blue meant for sailors and serious handshakes. The doors are decorated in brass, as any brave captain might be.

While the sink is a prize workhorse, the opposite side of the kitchen features your basic four-top gas burner--saved in the reno and now crowned in a graphic Moroccan tile backsplash. From corner to corner, counter to cupboard, sit bold blocks of pattern in black, white and azure, creating the kind of wow moment that covers all of the crazy flaws you might otherwise get hung up on.

I don’t miss the oaky warmth, the chipped tile, the worn sink. The 80s suburban nostalgia from Stranger Things. Yacht rock on replay. Now it’s Honne, I’m home.