On a Birthday Bender

Dear Lucy, I just wrapped up three days of birthday festivities—with my near and dears fêting me with some of my favorite things. I highly recommend stretching this out. It started off with a small bunch of pink ranunculus flowers for my office, and my latest addiction, Gingerberry Kombucha. On Friday the girls took me to lunch at Bloomies. Honestly, we ate the most delicious plain frozen yogurt topped ever so subtly with walnuts and honey. Note to self: simple yet glam dessert for company. On our way out we met up with an unavoidable cashmere clearance. SCORE! Then off to Sephora where we tried nearly every long last mascara and lip pumping gloss available. This season’s must haves: Too-Faced Lash Injection (Pitch Black AND Bright Blue), Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer, and Vincent Longo Lipstain Lipstick SPF 15 in Chica Mokita. I took the last one and barely escaped a small riot. We landed our sorry-ass tired feet (I wore some beautiful, painful boots on our outing) at Anastasia’s brow bar in Nordstrom’s. Aaaah… the joy of putting my feet up far outweighed the pain caused by hot wax and detailed tweezing. Gorgeous and rested, we ventured into the Cheesecake Factory like tourists in Tulsah. {Where are we? And why the hell is it so busy?} After a tall El Diablo we called it a night. Salut! Saturday followed with a fan-club-like stalking of Tiger Woods at the Buick Invitational, a pedicure with my gal pal (Lincoln Park After Dark, baby!) and the best pizza this side of NY, the Pizza Monterey at Pizza Port in Solana Beach. Artichoke hearts, onion, pepperoni and mushroom. Yes, we are at the pearly gates. Finally, a family brunch on Sunday with fresh squeezed OJ mimosas, spinach and goat cheese quiche, berries and oranges, bagels and lox. Did I mention? I’m a foodie. Bonus: I didn’t have to do the dishes! Savor the moment...Yours truly, S