Workin' It

So I signed up for the Work From Home gig today because Beck was rockin' a runny nose. (P.S. WFH-is that an official acronym now?). Jarrod came home and asked if I'd actually gotten work done, and I really DID. We marveled that 10 years ago that never would have happened...shared documents, servers, emails, teleconference (TC?). Anyway, it was good. I'm glad I could make it work. My office is clean right now, so it's a joy. Well, I won't go that far. I was doing my "real" work, not the fun stuff for Truly Fine.

This does remind me though, of a recent story on NPR about the negative effects of multitasking. Recent scientific studies assert that we are not actually doing several things at once, but that we are just extremely quick to switch our attention from one thing to the next. Hmmmm...Does that mean that I cannot email and talk on the phone at the same time anymore? Oprah told me that was rude anyway...but what if you are emailing the person you are talking to? Trust, me there are times this is absolutely necessary.