Santa Baby

Dear Santa, Beck admits that he is probably on both the Bad List and the Good List this year. Max is "only on the good list." That said, they would still like to submit their Wish List for your thoughtful consideration.

For Beck:
An Angel
A Candy Cane
Some Presents
Superman Costume
A Watermelon
Batman Mask

For Max:
A Candy Cane
Teddy Bear
Wind-up Christmas House
Remote Control Airplane
Small Drum
Ratatouille Book

Saint Nick, we know you are awfully busy this time of year, and that certainly, times are tough. Any presents you give to us will make us happy and be a great surprise.


Beck & Max

P.S. Don't forget, we are staying at our own house this Christmas Eve! We will leave you cookies and milk and for the Reindeer--carrots.

Max: "If I was Santa I would give people whatever is on their wish list."
Beck: "I I was Santa I would give you a remote control Christmas tree."