Go Royals.

Can I just take a moment to explore the current trend of revisiting high school and grade school friends and pictures on FaceBook? Friends and frequaintances are spending serious time scanning in old high school photos of their pals back in the day. This trip down memory lane makes a number of stops at big bangs and puffy sleeves. Everyone seems to be lovingly nostalgic and reconnecting with others at breakneck speed (yes, I'm observing with a careful eye). Truthfully, I'm not that nostalgic for the 80's. Or the 70's for that matter. I've maintained contact with my BFF and when curious, have shared an email with a few key peeps. I'm thrilled to have survived The Breakfast Club, the cliques, the "Senior Steps", homecoming hazing and spring break frenzy.

My life as a grown up has been far more rewarding than the awkward days of HHS. A message to my boys: Kids can be cruel. And being a teenager is hard--downright painful at times--but you will make it through the drama. On the other hand, if you are the class president or the royal hottie or the soccer star, Hurrah! Enjoy it at the time, but be kind to the dorks and please don't get too big a head over yourself.