A Good Exercise

Here I am, putting it out there. It is said that you are more likely to stick to your goals if you share them with friends and family. Really. Do I have to?

Yes. In 2009...

  • I will spend more time outdoors. In my backyard, on a trail, up the mountain, at the beach.
  • I will exercise 4 times/week. Including spinning, which I love.
  • I will be flexible in my definition of exercise. It is a walk with a pal. It is yoga.
  • I will be more realistic with myself and my expectations of others.
  • I will eat really excellent food. In moderation.
  • I will plan {more} meals with enthusiasm and creativity.
  • I will listen more. Judge less.
  • I will make time for my business each week.
  • I will paint and write and read {books. not magazines}.
  • I will create and stick to a budget.
  • I will get my oil changed regularly.
  • I will reduce my carbon footprint.
  • I will show my love in new ways.