I C U ! DO U C ME?

These super rad sunglasses came courtesy of the eye doctor, in their first visit, which lasted a record 2 h. 20 min. in an afternoon without a nap. Oh yeah, and they had their eyes dilated. I have bruises on my shins from Beck's massive physical resistance to the drops. The visit was a referrel from their physical last spring. Yes, I put it off that long...sorry? I didn't really want to deal with the possibility of glasses during summer and new school. I know that's lame, but whatev. So finally we went. And. They have crazy awesome perfect little healthy eyeballs. Pray it keeps, because my vision sucks!

Final Gem: When the Dr. asked Beck if he goes by any other name or would like to be called something else, he took a great pause, and said "Bumblebee".