The Case of the Missing Waffle Fry

I took the day off today. I was going to workout, clean my office, create, hang out with my mom on her last day in San Diego, drink coffee and surprise my children with an early pick up after their big field trip to SeaWorld. Today was going to be a glorious day. I did get to hang with my mom and I drank coffee. However, at pick up, I learned that B was {again} not well behaved at school. Uggh. Gone were my dreams of special treats and Superfriends. I spent the afternoon saying no, giving time outs, and being whacked and popped by {one of} my 5 year olds. More Uggh. That was my LOW.

My HIGH follows:

Scene: Our Dining Room
Menu: Pulled pork sandwiches/tacos, apples & clementines, waffle fries, red cabbage & carrot slaw.

6:33 PM
Max: I'm going to take 3 waffle fries. That's enough for me. Papa, you can have more because you're the biggest.

6:45 PM
Jarrod: Max--What is that outside? [Jarrod reaches over and nabs one of three untouched waffle fries.]

Max: I don't see anything. What is it?

Jarrod: Hmm, I don't know, must have been my own reflection.

7:00 PM
Max: I have to go potty. I mean, excuse me, I'll be right back. [Max leaves the table.]

7:15 PM [Max returns to the table, all are STILL seated]
Max: Hey! Where is my waffle fry that I haven't even eaten yet? I had three. There are only two here!

[Silence from all at table, while Max frantically looks on the floor, under his plate...]
Max: Have you seen it? It looks like a pick axe.

[At this point in time, I completely lose it and bust out laughing, shaking with tears. "It looks like a pick axe?" This only angers Max further, and inspires me to say...]

Me: Well what was it wearing?

7:20 PM
[After 5 minutes of speculation on real magic, invisible dogs, and potato eating tulips, Beck comes clean...]

Beck: I think Papa sneaked it, ate it and is really just lying. He's lying and he ate it.

Max believes that The Case of the Missing Waffle Fry remains unsolved...