Pinball Publishing

Through the ever talented Kate Bingaman-Burt of Obsessive Consumption I found Pinball Publishing in Portland, Oregon. I have no need for a current print run, and like to do work locally, but they are so flippin' cool it might be worth the long distance to work with them on a future project. They recntly published a series of designer postcards which help promote their own mad printing skills. This one is by artist Lisa DeJohn. I'm obsessed with the rounded corners and it appears that Pinball is more than equipped to execute such details.

From Pinball: Lisa DeJohn is a fine artist, illustrator and surface designer living in the North Shore of Massachusetts. She draws inspiration from plant forms, animals, architectural structures and antique paper goods. Her freelance work includes clients such as Chronicle Books, The Land of Nod, teNeues Publishing, IKEA, Godiva Chocolatier and Urban Outfitters.