Tweetjacking the Mompreneur

Tweetjacking? I discovered this word on the front page of, which I read about in Entrepreneur (the actual magazine) which led me to a blog about this book called "The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited" but I still don't totally get it. I don't even know how to Tweet, let alone jack someone's Twitter. This is is likely a huge opportunity, but right now, it's a problem for me and (perhaps) for other mompreneurs as well...How do we keep up with social media?

My website is a necessity, but it's certainly not driving sales and because I refuse to invest in a professional web designer, it's not that dynamic. Enough about websites though, the money shot is in social media, like blogs, Facebook and Twitter. These networking vehicles are quite demanding--not just to keep "up to date" but to be ahead of the curve! bursting with information!! comments, links, photos, references, whatever! (notice my sense of urgency with exclamation points). It's also a bit of a popularity contest, what with fans, friends and followers...What's a girl to do?

To start, I'm going to pick up this book. Next, I'm looking for a local network of working mompreneurs (San Diego). Do YOU have any Truly Fine Advice?