Just because you have twins...

does not mean you can trash the place.

Tonight Jarrod & I went out for dinner at our local sushi joint-sans kids. While it's famous for it's 50% off rolls, it's no dive. Next to us were two couples with a baby, then just a table away were two couples with a set of young twins--maybe 2.5 to 3 yrs. old. The tots were in restaurant high chairs and watching a portable DVD. Interesting idea. Anyway, it looked like they were making the kind of mess that many kids do. After dinner they all got up and made a rapid exit. What was left in their wake can only be described as the aftermath of a mixed vegetable earthquake promptly followed by a specialty roll hurricane.

Seriously. It was a SCENE. I wish I'd had the balls to take a picture. It's Saturday night, 730 PM, and the place was PACKED. Every server hustling their orders zipped by, paused slightly, grimaced, and kept walking. The area was not even approachable, and the patrons waiting for tables (it was a 4 and 2 top together) were pointing, staring, and commenting. Now let me say that the parents were completely NORMAL looking...like, they could have been our friends, and maybe even belong to twins club. However, none of my friends would have left a restaurant in that condition. Even with a ginormous tip, it's really unacceptable. That table was on lockdown for at least 30-45 minutes. I was embarrassed for the parents, and felt awful for the staff. I did have the nerve to ask our server if they left a big tip. She said with a smile "no--they have the babies."

I gave her a big tip.