Working Mom Guilt #327 "The Choir Concert"

So...I thought I had it all down pat when I marked the calendar for the Kindergarten/PEPP choir concert. Thursday, May 21, 8:30 AM. I gave the light blue xeroxed flier to Jarrod, to hang on the fridge in the garage. Just a couple of days later I noticed the following "Uniform: White tops and blue jeans" written on this invitation. Hmmm. White tops. Do the boys have white shirts? Then onto...Packing lunches, making breakfasts, dinner, whatever. In. and then Out.

Cue Thursday morning at home: AHHHHHHH. The boys do not have white shirts. Of any kind or variety. What kind of sane mother puts her 5 year old boys in white tees? That is never worth the laundry headache. The mister offered to go to the store, and I admit, I did call Rite Aid. The lady at the store says yes indeed they carry boys white tees. According to the Mister, no they do not carry BOYS white tees. Grrrr. Cue to the boys getting dressed. No white tee??!!! Well, then I want to wear a "cool" shirt, said Max. Beck had his choice of the party clothes too.

I assured myself, really it won't be a big deal. How many other working parents or just plain busy moms are there? It will probably be about 60/40 for white shirt representation, right?

Not even close.

After swimming through the parental paparazzi, I found myself in the back row--me with my iPhone (forgot my other fabulous devices), and every other amateur film maker using tripods and video cameras to capture the glory. There they all marched in, white shirt after white shirt after white shirt. Front row arrives, the last of the students. Beck, then a few later, Max. Try....112 kids in white shirts. 2 in Hawaiian*. Rock on mom, rock on.

*I might have seen a striped white shirt, and one with some funky designs, but nothing, not even close to the Beck & Max show...