Fresh Baked

I love to cook. I especially love to BAKE. So, when the Mister determines he is a bit (okay A LOT) gluten-irritated (irritated because he's not ready to own "intolerant"...) I decide to explore the alternatives. I had a heap of blueberries on hand this week so I made a formal foray into the GF blog world. Gluten Free Girl offered this includes lemon zest, which is fantastic because we have plenty of lemons right now. I only modified it slightly because I had soy flour, blue corn meal and an Arrowhead Mills GF baking mix. I used some of each. The Mister approves!

My first adventure in flourless baking was inspired by a bowl of (aging) cherries. One of my favorite flavor combinations is cherry almond so I proceeded to modify a traditional recipe. I used organic soy flour instead of traditional flour, and I used a cup of almonds, at least half of which I ground up into a fine almond meal. Since the cherries were fresh, I did attempt to dry them out a bit with paper towels and a pop in the oven prior to mixing. Of course, at the end I spinkled raw sugar on top...yum.