Behold America!

Image In my former work life I was Mrs. Museum. For nearly 10 years I was vocationally married to The San Diego Museum of Art. Though we've since broken up (perfectly amicably--"it's me, not you!") my heart remains firmly planted in this space. Staying connected with this museum has not been difficult--I'm deeply invested in the relationships I developed while there, and consistently look forward to rekindling those flames. While I've carried lasting friendships, I do miss the daily dose of beauty--walking through galleries and getting 1:1 time with Stella, Rivera, Cotán, Avery, Matisse and more.

To get my museum fix now, I pop in at random, and try to attend exhibition openings whenever possible. I've also maintained my membership in the Gallery. For last night's premiere event for Behold America! I wrangled another Gallery member, my pal Kim, to be my art date. WE HAD A BLAST. This totally unique collaboration among SDMA, the Timken and MCASD was breathtaking. How cool to see John Currin's The Hobo next to Robert Henri's Bernadita, Cindy Sherman and Eastman Johnson, John Baldessari and John Singleton Copley. The juxtaposition of contemporary and old masters continues to thrill me. Over at the Timken, which is a total gem, we died over this same combination of old and new, and gave special Instagram attention to the 60's era architecture and gallery wall coverings.