Mother Magpie's

I am super happy for my mom, she is starting her own business called Mother Magpie's--it's a funky mix of her vintage treasures and DIY handiwork. I got the fabulous job of designing her logo, business cards and signage. We did a large rubber stamp that she can use on manila shipping tags, and the next item up for design is a banner.When searching for the perfect shipping tag image I came across this gorgeous site! It's called Olive Manna - Textiles & Paper Goods. I think I'm in love...go check it out yourself.

Mrs. Meyers

I am obsessed with my sample of Caldrea's dishwashing liquid that sports the scent "Ginger Pomelo".  Of course it's by the same company that created my favorite Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products. Although I thought that Mrs. Meyers was already a bit of a "designer" cleaning product that only sometimes will I splurge on, Caldrea is the high end line. Seriously? Yes. And I'm hooked. Not only do these companies have beautifully designed labels, they have sweet smelling scents. Ginger Pomelo is grapefruit, Asian ginger and and sweet basil. I want to wear this smell. It makes me so happy! Former blue chip marketing exec Monica Nassif pays homage to her mom, Thelma Meyer in this fabulous midwest success story. Celebrating the season, Mrs. Meyers is offering an Iowa Pine Holiday Hand Care and Candle Set. You betcha! A female owned business with ties to Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin, this entrepreneurial endeavor is a great inspiration.

Green Fresh Florals

I am thrilled to say that Green is on board for their re-order and I've just stocked their shelves with holiday goodness from Truly Fine Design. Carlos Franco has rocked his new space, and I'm ever so proud to be their featured paper designer. Love, love, love their store decor and can't wait to see what they do for the Museum's holiday trimming...

Keeping it Real

I knew that starting my own business was not going to be easy. I just thought it would be easier to stay fired up about it! But being a perfectionist can really screw you up...for one, I refused to draft a news release about Truly Fine because I thought that I needed to accomplish key milestones before I was viewed as legitimate. And I couldn't sent a release having accomplished nothing! What a silly idea. Launching a business is, in itself, an accomplishment. I can't expect having my product in stores, without making people aware of the product to begin with. So counterintuitive! Second, as great as my marketing skills are, I fell into the age-old trap of undervaluing myself and my product, making it a real challenge to feel confident in "selling" the brand. Finally, I experienced rotten business karma when my flagship retailer, Gizmo Garage, closed shop at the New Children's Museum and ran off without payment or goods return. Grrrr.

I recently received a great shot in the arm from a new found friend, starting her own matchmaking business (more to come on this one!). She loves my designs and offered to help represent the lines. We've decided to trade---I'm designing her logo and she's pimping my goods. To get a feel for where I'm at, she asked me pointed questions that made me really acknowldege my strengths, weaknesses and big picture goals. A simple exercise, but wholly worthwhile.

I'm working hard to overcome the challenges that exist naturally and the ones I've created for myself, to enhance and utilize my strengths, to turn my dreams into reality. Wish me luck...

ReForm School

In my quest for a red Keep Calm and Carry On original screen print I found the most excellent website, ReForm School. I heart their aesthetic and found these very original cards made by Polite Cards with Bob and Roberta Smith. ReForm School has the most fabulous "categories" such as Home Ec, Child Development, Locker Room, and my favorite-- Student of the Month which features an artist. LOVE the opportunities here for original, affordable art. Quirky, fresh, and lovely. Very Wes Anderson. They have a brick and mortar shop in LA, and I'll be sure to visit the next time I head north.

North Park Craft Mafia-Holiday Hit List

While I was busy being cold in Minneapolis, Truly Fine Design made a guest appearance as swag in the goody bags for the North Park Craft Mafia Holiday Hit List event in Point Loma. This group of gals really rock the glue stick and I encourage you to check them out. I hope to join in the Valentine festivities in 2009, and maybe even get some prezzies finished up on the 16th.

Crafty Conspiracy Craft Night @ Filter - Dec. 16th!

Do you like to craft? Come craft with us on Tuesday, December 16th at Filter Coffee House in North Park! Get those last minute holiday gifts completed, or join in the group project. We'll be making some fun ornaments for the tree! Be there!

Tuesday, Dec. 16th
7 - 9 p.m.
Filter Coffee House
4096 30th St., San Diego - 92104

She's Crafty

I just returned from snow town--Minneapolis--where I spent a glorious 2.5 days in the company of friends, family, art and good food. I had the distinct pleasure of showing my Truly Fine wares at The Gale Mansion with other artists whose work I've grown up admiring. I also spent some quality BFF time shopping at Patina and Paper Source, and dining at Lucia's. The surprise hit of my weekend followed the Gale show, at the VFW in Uptown. "The Handmaiden's Present: Craftsmas" featured rockin' indie crafters with quirky humor and perky presentations. I'm so thrilled to have met Detroit's Queen Craftin' Bee, Stephanie of Phantom Limb and the Handmade Detroit collective. She introduced me to another cool chick, Angela, a co-founder of I Like You, a Minneapolis brick & morter featuring local artists. Our weekend culminated with great conversation and burgers at Bryant Lake Bowl, an MSP institution.