My Favorite Things: In the Office

I've decided it would be fun to write about some of my favorite things--the themes i can cover are endless, and maybe it will help me keep on blog task! So to begin...I'm admittedly TYPE A when i comes to my supplies at work (home & museum). I might even compare myself to Milton and his red stapler in cult classic Office Space. {Note to all: PLEASE see this film. I guarantee, you are not sporting enough flair.} I've gone so far as to label my No. 8 Orange Fiskars, as well as my stapler and my wooden 18" ruler. The Fiskars must not be replaced by a cheap imitation. It simply won't do. I've added to my home office the Fiskars Titanium Nitride 9.5 In. Shop Shears which hang gleefully on my pegboard next to double-sided Scotch tape (i heart 3M) and an ancient pair of pinking shears. Speaking of labeling. My office would not be complete without the Brother P-touch 1750. I believe the latest version of this model is 1950. When a labeler is not necessary, Mr. Sharpie comes to the rescue. I'm especially fond of the retractable fine points for general usage, and the extra fine points for writing notes. Sharpie ALSO now offers highlighters (amazing) and you can personalize your pens with name, monogram, message or pirate clip art. Ahoy matey!