Open for Business

Today I took the day off to be with the boys on a "FREE" day. We had a hike on Black Mountain, and then off to run errands. TORTURE. The trade off for the post office, bank and dry cleaner run, was lunch out. Okay, true confessions. We went to Carls Jr. - MAINLY because it was so completely convenient and the boys have been drooling over their play structure for a year. I'd actually never been before--don't get me wrong, I heart my burgers, it's just that I'm true to Hodad's and In-n-Out. Whatev. LONG story short, we got to talking about burgers, and monsters, and so on. The result: The boys are going to open a food joint called Monster Burger--Beck is going to build it, and Max is going to paint the floors--diamond shapes. Also, Max is going to do his art, and Beck is going to put it on the walls, and people can come and buy it. It will only be open for lunch.