OMG and Double Yikes. I'm not not talking about being green or environmental impact, I'm talking about The Economy. I have my own form of eco-friendly changes I'm making, which will hopefully make an impact on the bottom line of our budget.
Here goes...
#1 Make-up
In my quest for affordable mascara I tried out this futuristic tube of LASH BLAST Volume Blasting Mascara by Cover Girl. I love the orange and silver packaging and the high tech wand. Best of all, it works! And it's less than half the price of my total favorite Too faced Lash Injection mascara. Still love Jo Malone scents and haven't found a decent replacement for Nars bronzer...
#2 Food
Did you know that two packs of extra firm tofu costs a total of 3 bucks? AWESOME. So much cheaper than organic chicken. Jarrod said he'd eat it at least once, maybe twice a week at that price. Bring on the ginger broccoli stir fry!
#3 Library
I have a book weakness. I love to buy the boys new books. Me too, actually, but I try to only buy them at thrift stores. This month we got a library card. I'm not sure why it took me this long...we only read three of the 8 books. Still, it felt right.
#4 Thrifting
This is not new for me. I love it. In fact it's like Eco x 2. Anyway, I buy a lot of the boys clothes at thrift stores...of course this gets balanced out by their bi-annual Nordstrom shoe trip. Can't have it all I guess...
#5 Cancel Stuff
We really don't use the Y, except for swim lessons 3 times/year. In fact working out there made me depressed and everytime we took the boys there for recreational swim someone had pooped or vomited in the pool. DONE, and more DONE.