She's Crafty

I just returned from snow town--Minneapolis--where I spent a glorious 2.5 days in the company of friends, family, art and good food. I had the distinct pleasure of showing my Truly Fine wares at The Gale Mansion with other artists whose work I've grown up admiring. I also spent some quality BFF time shopping at Patina and Paper Source, and dining at Lucia's. The surprise hit of my weekend followed the Gale show, at the VFW in Uptown. "The Handmaiden's Present: Craftsmas" featured rockin' indie crafters with quirky humor and perky presentations. I'm so thrilled to have met Detroit's Queen Craftin' Bee, Stephanie of Phantom Limb and the Handmade Detroit collective. She introduced me to another cool chick, Angela, a co-founder of I Like You, a Minneapolis brick & morter featuring local artists. Our weekend culminated with great conversation and burgers at Bryant Lake Bowl, an MSP institution.