I Heart the Oscars

I heart the Oscars...mostly because movies are a wonderful part of our culture and provide a visual and emotional escape like nothing else. Well, that, and the red carpet (OBVIOUSLY!) Following are some of my 2009 Oscar thoughts. Unfortunately, I see way fewer movies now than I did pre-kids. Aargh.

Slumdog Millionaire

I really loved this movie. And to think, at first I wasn't going to see it because I heard it was (at times) "really hard to watch." Then I learned that my Grandma had seen it, and was up for it again. Okay, right. If my 80-something year old Grandma can hack it, I sure as hell can. Not to mention that the soundtrack kicks some big booty as well...

Kate Winslet (The Reader, Revolutionary Road)
Total. Girl. Crush. While I didn't see either one of these movies, if I could pick someone to play me in my life story, it would be Kate. Hands down.
Wall•E stole my heart. I loved his complete devotion to Eve and his menagerie of artifacts...

The Dark Knight
Unbelievable performance by the late Heath Ledger. Christian Bale is an outstanding Batman, and I'm quite smitten with Maggie Gyllenhaal

Random Honorable Mention Goes to:
Quantum of Solace and Daniel Craig's White Pants

P.S. Wish I'd seen Milk
P.S.S. Why didn't Bruce Springsteen's The Wrestler
get nominated?