Mr. Universe

I've always had a horrible time with historic timelines and events. It's just all sorts of people and places floating around in a spherical world of happenings. Totally non-linear thinking. I can usually cover this pretty well in general cocktail banter, but if it came to Final Jeopardy I'd be screwed. That said, I hope the boys inherit Jarrod's historical and political acumen. Admittedly, they are not there yet...

The world according to Max & Beck begins with Jesus, Santa and George Washington. The current debate (and it has been this for quite some time...) revolves around the physical strength of Jesus. "Jesus is as strong as Superman." "Jesus is stronger than Papa." "Is Opa as strong as Jesus?". Jesus, of course, has strength beyond his bitty biceps. He is magic. Otherwise, I might never have heard this one..."Jesus made me do it. He controls me."

Thank God Jesus is Magic. Really. Because if it came to a throw down with Santa and George Washington, my money's on the guy in the red suit.