I Heart You: The Art of the Screenprint

This is a little chronicle of my first attempt at silk screening. Last month I attended a workshop at Visual Asylum to create a two-color fine art print. I submitted my design in advance ("I Heart You" won over "Be Kind" on my Facebook Challenge) and the kind peeps at VA burned my screens in advance. I chose a bright, true red and a soft, dreamy blue. There was only one other student in the workshop--he chose brown and the same dreamy blue. His design went swimmingly with mine-"We all have a song" with a bird and a branch.

My very first print was PERFECT, then the blue ink got a little sticky...and, oh well, I created about 20 prints and they are full of charming little (and big flaws). It was SO great. I really loved it and can't wait to try it again. Near the end, we started to merge some of our designs and created some real gems.