I Gotta Be Me


Ever since reading Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project, I've been simmering on one of her "commandments". Be Gretchen. The idea is simple, but it was refreshing to hear a personal account of this awful human habit of forcing ourselves to be/like/do things that are simply inauthentic, for the sake of (perceived) approval and acceptance

In the wave of this new appreciation for BEING SARAH, I had to post this pic of model Abbey Lee Kershaw, with gorgeous pink ends. I started changing the color of my hair when I was 13, much to the horror of my mother. For a while it was the L'Oreal color mousse, then I moved to hydrogen peroxide and Sun In (welcome to the '80s!). But for years, I've wanted to have some pink in my hair. Unfortunately, my 9-5 would not appreciate this application of authenticity. Still, there are many more ways to keep true to myself and the lyrics from this little diddy, Hit or Miss by Odetta, serves as a soulful reminder.

Sitting here All by myself Trying to be Everybody else

Can't you see I gotta be me Ain't nobody just like this I gotta be me Baby hit or miss

Sarah's Commandment #1. I Gotta Be Me