13 Men, Zero Women


13 men and zero women are working on a revised health care bill. Deciding what might be appropriate levels of care for bodies unlike their own. Disregarding the fact that women grow humans inside of their bodies. Forgetting that they were also born from the strength and miracle of a woman’s body. Ignoring the fact that their own mothers carried them inside of their bodies...nurturing, protecting, cultivating.

13 men and zero women are changing the rules for the disadvantaged, the weak, the elderly. Have mistaken their privilege for the right to disregard others. Must be confused, to have excluded themselves from the same restrictions they expect us to now be grateful for.

13 men and zero women do not understand things like sexual assault, maternity care, mental health, or family planning. They must have forgotten that we have a Constitution. That there is an Equal Rights Amendment, or simply, they do not understand that we are all HUMAN. 

13 men and zero women.