Workout 11/100

Knees buckling on the way to my car. Can I drive? Yes, you've got this. I notice the morning marine layer on the mountain as I drive home, the sky turning soft pink from grey. The song from my latest playlist envelopes me, and I'm smiling inside, but too tired to sing along. I drive along, on autopilot, like a passenger staying awake to be nice.  

Now home, I swing my legs out of the drivers seat the way my body was trained after the injury. I skip the kitchen, as making lunches will have to wait. I make it to the bedroom, and lay down on top of the covers, sweaty clothes, gym shoes, and all. My eyes close, I sigh, breathe. Just give me 10 minutes...



A Few Of My Favorites: Kitchen Edition

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and use a fair number of tools to pull off 30-minute dinners, all day bake-a-thons, breakfasts on the run and celebratory shin-digs.

These made the cut:

  1. Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Stainless Steel. Because, coffee first. Grind it fresh people, it’s soooo much better. A burr grinder allows you to adjust the coarseness of the grind for your preferred brewing technique. Size DOES matter.

  2. Global MinoSharp 3 Knife Sharpener in Grey/Black. I like my coffee black, and my Wusthof knives SHARP. It’s not totally foolproof but it’s what the knife sharpening guy at Sur la Table uses...

  3. Pampered Chef Silicone Oven Mitts. Hands down (heehee) the best oven mitts out there. Donate your “hot pads” to Goodwill. These are all you need.

  4. Pampered Chef Large Bar Pan. Okay, I have never been a PC dealer but I can seriously give testimony to these stoneware pans. I love baking on them--roasted vegetables, cookies, salmon, you name it. You only wash with hot water, seasoning it over time like cast iron.

  5. Le Creuset Signature Flame Oval French Oven. Like a little black dress, you can rely on this sexy beast for any occasion--braise your beef and caramelize your shallots, simmer your stew and roast your bird. C’est nécessité!

What are some of YOUR favorite things?