She stirs the pot. And gets shit done.

Sarah Beckman is a dreamweaver, a doer, a connector—she brainstorms big ideas and helps bring them to life. She provokes and pushes and inspires individuals and organizations to dive deep in order to uncover their sweet spot, their special sauce, THAT THING. Located in sunny San Diego, California, she is a writer, designer, innovator. A spark.

An architect of marketing and branding solutions for small businesses, large corporations and nonprofits, Sarah's work includes creative direction, copywriting, brand strategy and audience engagement. Sarah's ability to listen and be responsive to individual client needs has allowed her to work with a varied client base from startups to global teams; from art museums to the high-tech industry. She currently works in the nonprofit world, hugging trees and advocating for the largest urban cultural park in the country.

At home, Sarah believes perfection is highly overrated and leads her twin teen boys and husband on the pursuit of plenty—appreciating and living in the NOW. She digs being barefoot in the kitchen and garden, putting together the perfect party platter, and writing about women, wellness, parenting, culture and style. This modern bohemian makes time between the hours to paint, design and DIY her latest inspiration. Always trying to sneak in a workout or deep stretch, she loves to get on a good sweat. Sarah values bravery, independence and efficiency. She’s also really good at Legos. 

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