Back from Sabbatical

Dear Diary, I'm taking this quiet moment sans children, husband still in bed, to get back on blog track. It's so easy to let the daily grind take over my creative space-physically and mentally. I finally cleared a path in my office, and made room on my desk for a laptop. Forget that though...I'm drinking hot java, looking through a window with a view--hummingbirds, bunnies and a roadrunner are my friends today. Amy Winehouse and Rilo Kiley also keep me company. I love RK's "Under the Blacklight" album which i recently downloaded. a bit of country, pop and indie. Just right. Latest accomplishments: #1. I mastered the Mojito--pitcher style. While I pretty much cashed out my supply of fresh mint (found growing on the side of the house, SCORE!), I think it was well worth it. #2. Jarrod deconstructed our 80's style patio "gazebo" so that i will be able to turn into a chic cabana. Curtains arrive tomorrow. I'm getting garden inspired for our backyard redux, and I'm also scheming a facelift for the main bath. Marimekko shower curtain? Needs to be bold. COLOR. Yellow. So solstice-y....Cheers!