Working Mom Guilt #398 Birthdays

Oh No You Didn't!

In the first week of kindergarten, we received invitations for two birthday parties. Luckily both boys were invited to each.

Invite #1. A brother-sister event. The boys asked if perhaps the sister could wait this one out as she is a MAJOR irritation to them. Fine, we don't need to go to this one, they are not particularly close to the new pals. Yes, I am the mom that selects events on their behalf. Am I a snob? No. I'm just really particular about our family time.

Invite #2. An invite to the party of a pal they met last year in PEPP. Wonderful! Charming young girl, in one of the K classes. So when is it? WHAT? But that's a school day. I mean, that is in the middle of the day, okay 2PM, but on a school day! Grrrr.

What bums me out is that I would have been happy to make this party work...on a weekend. Or even a late afternoon! Seriously, is it so unique that both parents might be found working at 2PM on a Thursday? If I don't make it work, the boys miss out. "Oh we can't go, because our Mommy has to work." I simply cannot make an exception for this particular day because I have a major event that night. Sigh.