Let me begin by saying I've never been a real Disney fan. Walt Disney as a concept...no. It's not the amusement park thing, I love rolllercoasters. It's the "Disney" thing. Especially after a Women's Studies major at UW-Madison where my senior video project was an "intervention" on a campus screening of Snow White & the Seven Dwarves. Truth be told, I did visit Disney World at age 7 or 8, and distinctly remember Space Mountain. I recall NOTHING else. Really, nothing. Except that I was deathly ill on that trip to FL and received a big pill in the rear in a doctor's office late at night. Such a VIVID memory. Seriously.

So, having lived in SoCal now for more than 8 years, and having kids above age 5, it does marvel people that I still have not been to Disneyland. At times I'm actually irritated by the level of mirth and wonder it generates in adults who plan trips there WITHOUT children.

Today, on the eve of my 37th birthday, I'm setting all of this aside. I accepted an invitation from my very dear friend to celebrate this occasion with Mickey and the gang. WITHOUT children. Oy! It's time to break out of my bubble and have some old fashioned fun. I'm also doing reconaissance for a trip there with the boys...come on, they DO have a Jedi Training Academy! I hope to have some fantastic photos, great girl time, and an amazing roller coaster ride. I do love rollercoasters...