Cheers to Chore Charts!

Yea! I think I've been able to cut my nagging by at least half since creating these chore charts. Mornings are easier since I began setting their alarm clock, and now the boys have stopped asking me what to do next in the getting-ready-for-school-drill. After school they need to empty and put away their lunch and snack bags, empty their school folders and wash hands. At some point before bed they need to hang up their hat, shower, brush chops, and get jammies on.

I've put the pages into protective sleeves, and posted them in the foyer. They use dry erase markers to check off the boxes as they go. While there are a host of different charts on the market, most are geared to older kids who can read. Using pictures and words allows them to take ownership of the list and manage it without our help. If they ever get stuck..."uuugh what do I do next?"..."Check your chart." "Oh, right."

I do need to add a box for book reading (homework) and possibly add a section for bigger chores like taking out the trash and watering the plants. If anyone wants a more generic version (no names or shower pics!) I can provide a PDF with a few fill in the blanks.