Death to the Pen!

Oh D'Nealian, my first cursive love.

I recently read an article in Time Magazine, Mourning the Death of Handwriting, by Claire Suddath. It was a bit disheartening, because I did not get the impression that she was truly mourning the death of handwriting...more like, pondering the death of handwriting. The Gen Y author admits to being a sloppy scriber. Passively accepting that we've traded "artistry for efficiency," Suddath shrugs her, whatever. Gen Why?

Yes, Cursif IS pretty. And so are the other fonts here on Noble Rabbit.

She chronicles the changes our society has made in the past 100+ years, delivering us to a moment in time where script is deemed "pretty & cosmetic." But isn't it okay to be pretty? Isn't that what we value intrinsically? Here, it seems a more fitting a description of a Bonne Belle lip gloss. I'd like to see the letters transcend "pretty", become beautiful in their original glory with the curves and swoops that inspire words themselves to hold weight and carry meaning. With proper penmanship even a simple grocery list becomes a heartfelt momento. XOXO scratched in red is tiny love note. Even the words that come out a bit wonky (is that an e or an l?) exude a bit of mystery and spontaneity.

Quirky Handwriting Sample via Azaz

A handwritten note--with a scratch or scribble where you made your mistake--means so much more than a cryptic text or a casual email. Besides, isn't it good exercise for your digits? I challenge you this week to hand write a note, make a list, craft a memo. To anyone...your bestie, your mum, your hon or your sib. To you! Use the whole page. Use ink.