Office Envy

I have to jot off a quick note because I feel I've been remiss in not sharing yet two of my favorite websites. First, let me confess my true passion for office supplies. Some of my finest childhood memories include going to the local office supply shop with my dad. I believe it was called "Nelson's". I sampled every pen and pencil, ogled the Crane's stationery, and created countless reasons for why I simply must have the "Thank You Very Much" order pad for my weekend restaurant. I was eight. Clearly, there are others like me.

Not only do I love Office PDX, I actually wish I had been so cool as to come up with the concept A retail store, event space and gallery--all in a 1950's office environment. Love their design, love the stationery and supplies they carry, and love that they are a gallery (online too). Bonus: You can buy original art from them. One of my other fave office sites is Russell+Hazel. They have lovely paper products and accessories. I lucked out and got the new Audrey Expanding Five-file Tote for Christmas. Patent Black. So chic...Later Alligator-S