Trim the Fat

Yee Hah! Again, I'm trying to be more thoughtful about my (our) spending. We need to cut back (wallets and waistlines), and I have lots of room to improve in this area. Especially, I find it very easy to justify extras at the grocery store. Okay, yes, I'm a foodie. And I can be a real food snob. And I'm really conscious of organic, trans fats, HO's, bleached flour, refined sugar, whole grains, etc. etc. etc. But since it's FOOD, it's okay. I was taught, if you are going to eat it, then fine, buy it. No crap. And don't waste it. I seem to put food (all kinds) into a "needs" category rather than a "wants" category. Especially briney garlicky olives, creamy goat cheese, dark chocolate... Very creative, huh? I came across this tidbit, and it seems like a nice place to start...

Supermarket impulse buys: Put any items that are not on your shopping list in the shopping cart's child seat. Before checkout, choose just one item from the child seat. If you find a great bargain, take something off your list to accommodate the good deal.

Are you cutting back? How?