True Colors

I discovered The Color Run over a year ago, cruising the web for exciting events to fill my run card in 2011-2012. Low and behold, shortly thereafter a San Diego date was announced. Woohoo!!! If you know me at all, you know that I'm basically obsessed with COLOR. It's bursting out of the artwork on my walls, the patterns on my pillows, the curtains on my windows, and the clothes that I wear. LOVE it. SOoooo...what better running experience than to get with your girls and be sprayed, doused, sprinkled and dusted with a fine powdery rainbow? None. SOLD!

I sported a bright pink streak in my hair and one of the retro sweatbands (pictured on my gal pal above), along with a white longsleeve T, black shorts and tiedyed socks to prove my cool factor. Without the timing chips there were plenty of booty shakes and a host of high fives. I have to say, while my idyllic route fantasy of a lush green meadow and a rusty dirt trail did not materialize in the industrial grey parking lot of Qualcomm stadium, being color bombed in this urban setting sort of worked. I played a rockin' soundtrack in my head of Beastie Boys, Beyonce,. and Cyndi Lauper, so if there was an area for improvement it would be MUSIC. We needed it. It CALLED for it! Maybe next time. Until then, I'll be saving my whitest whites for next year's baptism of color.