Workout 11/100

Knees buckling on the way to my car. Can I drive? Yes, you've got this. I notice the morning marine layer on the mountain as I drive home, the sky turning soft pink from grey. The song from my latest playlist envelopes me, and I'm smiling inside, but too tired to sing along. I drive along, on autopilot, like a passenger staying awake to be nice.  

Now home, I swing my legs out of the drivers seat the way my body was trained after the injury. I skip the kitchen, as making lunches will have to wait. I make it to the bedroom, and lay down on top of the covers, sweaty clothes, gym shoes, and all. My eyes close, I sigh, breathe. Just give me 10 minutes...



Saturday 6/100


Make coffee
wait for the rain
read magazine
imagine trip to Mexico
fall into Instagram
listen to the rain

Chop cucumbers
Assemble greens, bowls, platters

Pick a lemon
Blend with olive oil
salt pepper
Oooh honey

Do dishes.


Get dressed
Pick up kids

Arrange shelves.
Move cookbooks, bowls
back and forth
and back, and down
and back again.
Run dishwasher
Add plant. Remove plant.
Bring it back, but lower.
Bright bowls up top
step back squint, consider...

!! TIME errands

(ice, beer, kale)
oh! avocados

Make a platter.
Gather fennel, fig leaves
Oh right, rain. Wet grass, dirt.
Wipe your feet.

Hug kids
clean your room

Forage for nuts olives apricots
snap peas zucchini tomatoes
pears & parmesan

More dishes.
“I’m thinking we should switch the sides of our sink for dirty/clean...”

Shit! Gift.
Wrap wrap wrap Bag. Tissue
Party favors: Design labels, print, cut

Shower, wash hair
Dry shampoo
Eyebrow gel